Receive a free Consultation

Our Credit Scholars will review your credit report and scores with you, and we will discuss all aspects of your credit profile in order to develop a strategic plan on how to combat the problem areas on your credit report. The information obtained will also be used to create your Audit.

Obtain Credit Monitoring Service

We require that our customers obtain a credit monitoring service in order for us to monitor your progress each month. It is important to sign-up for a credit monitoring service between 5-30 days of beginning our program. Companies outside of financial institutions are not allowed to access your credit report or scores without your consent.

* Applies to The Scholar and The Overachiever packages only.

Select Your Package

Based on the extensiveness of your credit profile, we will help direct you to the best package and program that is appropriate for your situation.

Review Your Completed Audit

After you have received your Free Consultation, and selected your package, our Scholars will begin developing your Audit. Audit service expected to be completed within 5 days after signing the client agreement.

Audit Payment Is Processed

Upon receiving your Audit, your payment will be processed immediately.

Communication begins with
credit bureaus and other
necessary agencies

Credit Scholars executes five rounds of disputes to the credit bureaus, and other necessary agencies on your behalf, based on the credit profile.

Receive educational materials
and guidance

During your enrollment with our service and as a client, you will receive tips, do’s and don’ts, and educational tools. It is important that you follow the rules surrounding repairing your credit, as there are many factors that make up and affect your credit score.

Notify us if you receive
physical documents

As part of the dispute process, you may receive documents based on our efforts from credit bureaus, creditors and other agencies. It is very important that upon receiving these documents, you send them to your appointed Credit Scholar for review, as they will be utilized during the investigation and dispute process.

Check out your new results

As part of your package, you will have access to your own Customer Portal which provides you with an in-depth look of the status and progress made on your behalf throughout the credit repair process. We will notify you when we have the results of each round, and let you know the next step in the process.

* Applies to The Scholar and The Overachiever packages only.

Deletion(s) payment is processed

After reviewing your monthly updates regarding progress on your credit profile, we will indicate if any item has been deleted from your credit report. If it has, you will be charged the deletion fee associated with the negative item, per bureau it was removed from. The good news is if nothing was deleted from your credit report during that round, you do not pay any additional fees.

Congratulations! You have completed the credit repair process. Those who complete our credit repair program receive a personalized congratulatory certificate! *

* The credit repair process could take up to six months dependent upon the extent of your credit profile.