How long do negative items stay on your credit report?

The items on your credit report are called tradelines. They can either be positive or negative. Positive tradelines help your credit score and negative tradelines lower your credit score.

Junk Mail Galore, How to stop it!

Credit and Insurance

Isn’t it annoying to get all that junk mail from companies trying to get you to apply for their credit cards? Not only is it annoying but it also puts you at risk for identity theft!

What you must do monthly with your credit card bills

Making your credit card payments on time is extremely important to your credit score. Late payment fees and higher interest rates are undesired results of late credit card payments.

Credit and Insurance

Credit and Insurance

Did you know how much you pay for auto insurance is based on your credit? Most people are shocked when they hear that auto insurers use credit scores in the course of...

Too Many Inquiries

Too many credit inquiries can injure your credit score, this is what Credit Scholars calls an “inquiry injury”. Your credit score will suffer if you have numerous inquiries.

Five Reasons to Have Good Credit

Maintaining a high credit score can prove to be beneficial for anyone who is looking for financial opportunities—in any form.

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